SweetTS et tyClipse

SweetTS présente une nouvelle mise à jour. Modifications (en anglais) de la version 1.20 :

  • bugfixes and improvements of various code macros (use macro dialogues with "Ctrl+Space")
  • highlighting supports now more TCA commands (use autocomplete with shortcut "Ctrl+J")
  • added integer range for linkvars for supporting secure Typo3 websites
  • any mocro creating a page object can now be a marks, subparts or temp object
  • lot of new code macros including a condition builder
  • new template with given code section for supporting good TypoScript coding
  • 2 color schemes now included: Typo3 and SweeTS, they can be choosen in the preferences of the custom highlighter
  • added all worklow hints (.htaccess, caching, user TypoScript) as macros too

Un mariage entre TYPO3 et Eclipse, projet tyClipse développé (en allemand) par :