Un Content Repository pour TYPO3 5.0

Why a CR for TYPO3? Flexible and extensible data structure Object based storage and retrieval Combines advantages of navigational and relational databases. Security can be enforced on a higher level Cleaner and easier to use for the developer.

The Jackrabbit « shortcut » As there exists no PHP-based CR implementation, we looked for alternatives Jackrabbit is the JSR 170 reference implementation, providing all required and optional features of the specification Using it from PHP is possible with the PHP-Java-Bridge Provides a way to write and test PHP-based unit tests that are needed for implementing a pure PHP-based CR are we crazy ?

A native PHP Content Repository TYPO3 5.0 will still run completely without Java - by accessing the PHP-based TYPO3 CR, based on the APIs defined in JSR 170 and JSR 283 The goal: A flexible and powerful content repository for TYPO3 written in PHP. We are not crazy. It is not impossible. Maybe not all of the standard will be implemented – but don’t tell anyone…